Nox AT10 Pro Cup Coorp 24 – Padel Racket


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What would happen if we mounted on the mold of Agustin Tapia ‘s AT10 and the materials of Miguel Lamperti ‘s classic ML10 Pro Cup A truly crazy racquet. The AT Pro Cup combines the most outstanding features of both: manageable and fast like the AT10, and comfortable and solid like the ML10.

It includes the replaceable safety cord system Smartstrap®, now evolved into a compact piece for greater strength and safety.More hygienic, safer and more customizable.

Shape Teardrop
Thickness 38 mm
Weight 360-375 grams
Core HR3
Frame Carbon
Face Fiber Glass Silver
Control 10/10
Power 9/10



By using this material in the frames we give more rigidity and durability to the frame and to the racket in general.


By applying more material from the frame to four centimeters inside the face, we minimize the difference in hardness between the frame and the face. In this way, when the ball is hit with the outer parts of the racket, we minimize the possible cutting of the fibers that could occur when the rubber sinks.


This rubber core is even denser than the HR3. It increases the speed with which the core of the racket recovers its state before hitting the ball. Maximum power is achieved with this rubber.


Metallized fiberglass fabric to provide a degree of rigidity halfway between carbon fiber and fiberglass.


Customize your racket, improve hygiene and safety by easily replacing the cord without losing the warranty by not having to manipulate the lower cap.

AT PRO CUP Genius, Testea Padel certifies the quality of this paddle racket against breakage of the frame and the faces of the racket as well as the durability of the product against fatigue.

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