Our story began in 2020, but our passion for sports has been growing with us for over 30 years. While we have been great supporters of globally celebrated sports like football and racket sports like tennis and squash, it was time to realize our true calling: the sport of padel.

It is an invigorating activity using a carbon fibre racket, smaller in size, than a tennis racket, that teaches valuable skills such as teamwork, and helps develop good hand-eye coordination. In addition to the educational benefits, playing padel can also help improve physical fitness levels, especially for those who wish to join a gym or workout routine.

We established Padel Life to meet the needs of beginner, advanced, and professional players. Our e-commerce platform (www.padellifeshop.com) and first physical retail store in Jumeirah 3 is a one-stop shop for everything padel.


Padel (or Padel tennis) is a mixed sport combination of Tennis and Squash. It combines the action of the typical racket sport with engaging social interaction (and fun). It is an ideal workout for all ages and abilities, as points are won by strategy more than by sheer strength and power.

Padel is played in doubles within a 10×20 meters court surrounded by glass walls and metal mesh. The highest part of the walls is 4 meters and the lowest 3 meters. The court is separated by a net with a maximum height of 88 cm in the center and 92 cm at the sides. The game is easy to learn, making it ideal for families with mixed skill levels to join in.

Padel was created in 1969 in the Mexican beach town of Acapulco. Enrique Corcuera, the man who invented Padel, was a successful businessman who lacked the space to install tennis courts. Instead, he constructed more compact courts that were walled in. He chose to play with wooden paddles instead of traditional tennis rackets because the court was smaller, giving rise to the name.

Padel was initially only played by the elite of Mexico until Corcuera’s Spanish friend Alfonso De Hohenlohe developed a passion for it. The first two European padel courses were constructed by the Hohenlohe in Marbella shortly after that, in 1974.

When the sport was first promoted by the Spanish King Juan Carlos and former Wimbledon champion Manolo Santana, it gained popularity very quickly. The game grew more popular and is now considered one of the world’s fastest growing sports in Europe, America, and the Middle East.

The History of Padel


As Co-founders and more importantly padel players ourselves, we recognized a gap in the market for quality padel gears. We were using padel equipment that didn’t quite fit allow the right mobility and flexibility to match the playing style required for padel sports. This realization set our course to research and figure out the right equipment specifically fit for our play style, and when the time was right, to share it with others of similar passions.

At Padel Life, we provide our clients with a variety of quality products and a free consultation by our experts to make your choice easier.

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