Nox MJ10 Gemelas Atomikas 23 By Majo – Padel Racket

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Majo Sánchez Alayeto  stands out for his powerful and aggressive game based on snakes, volleys and shots. If your playing style is defined by the same parameters, the MJ10 LUXURY 2023  is the perfect racket for you. At its core it has the Multilayered Black Eva technology that, together with the 12K carbon faces , allows an optimal distribution of the energy generated in the hit both in low-speed shots and in power shots, thus improving your performance in the game.

Includes the pioneering  Smartstrap® replaceable lanyard system,  now evolved into one compact piece for added strength and security More hygienic, safer and more customizable.

Form Drop
Thickness 38mm
Weight 360-375 grams
Core Multilayered Black Eva
Framework 100% carbon
Face 12K carbon
Control 10/10
Power 9/10

Nox MJ10 Luxury By Majo Sanchez Alayeto. It is a power padel racket say of this great player. Created to give you the powerful and aggressive game you need to conquer highly demanding padel matches.

Player type

Created for the aggressive and intense expert-professional level padel player who is looking for a diamond-shaped racket, with a superior sweet spot and high balance that favors more powerful and speedy ball outputs.

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