Nox Titanium Luxury 23 – Padel Racket

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Designed for intermediate and advanced level players with a versatile playing style, the TITANIUM racket combines a classic hybrid format mold with the most advanced materials. With a firm and comfortable touch, the 12K carbon will provide you with the solidity you need in attacking games, while the HR3 rubber will help you in your game at the bottom of the court and in low-speed shots thanks to its extraordinary reactivity.

Shape Drop
Weight 360-375 grams
Core HR3 Core
Frame 100% carbon
Expensive 12K carbon
Control 9/10
Power 9/10

High-density HR3 rubber core, with the greatest memory effect, thus achieving greater power in hitting.

Carbon Frame

Carbon frame. Using this material in the frames we give more rigidity and durability to the frame and to the racket in general.

Dynamic Composit Structure

By applying more material from the frame to four centimeters inside the face, we minimize the difference in hardness between the frame and the face. In this way, when the ball is hit with the outer parts of the blade, we minimize the possible cutting of the fibers that could occur when the rubber sinks.


The 12K weave is achieved by intertwining the fiber strands into small squares. In our case we use a 12K fiber with a weight greater than normal carbon fiber, achieving greater durability to the product.

Rough surface on the last layer of the blade face. It can be made using pre-molded plastic material or with a bath in low-grammage silica sand. With this roughness, hits with greater effect are achieved.

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