Wilson Bela Elite 2023 – Padel Racket


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This racket was co-designed with the great Fernando Belasteguin, an icon in the game of Padel. He’s recently shared his view of how he made it to where he is now: obsession is personal. He’s obsessed with the sport, and his concept on how players can reach their goals are highlighted in this racket. Combining ultimate power, control, and comfort, this racket is what you need to kick-start your journey to becoming a legend. Includes a detachable wrist cord that can be swapped out in a variety of colors.

Carbon Fiber Face
A strategically woven layer of carbon fiber gives players the ability to hit with impressive power.

Soft EVA Foam
Offers cushioned feel with impressive shock absorption, generating effective blend of comfort and lightweight power.

Spin Effect Texture
Textured surface grips ball upon contact for enhanced spin and excellent feel on every shot.

Sharp Hole Technology
Advanced hole-drilling process generates increased bite with every stroke.

Shock Shield Grip
Unique blend of PU and Iso-Zorb supplies excellent combination of tack and cushioned comfort

Detachable Wrist Cord
Construction easily attaches to and detaches from Padel racket handle to give user ability to easily swap or personalize with preferred wrist cord type and color.

Eco Butt Cap
Agiplast bio-based nylon composition reduces total material used in butt cap by 20% for more sustainable footprint.


Balance 260 mm
Beam 38 mm
Core Type Soft EVA
Head Size 84 sq in / 542 sq cm
Length 455 mm
Paddle Shape Diamond
Weight 365 g

Textured with SpinEffect technology and layered with carbon fiber materials, the Bela Elite v2 Padel racket maximizes power and control.

  • Co-designed and inspired by padel legend Fernando Belasteguin
  • Wider sweet spot that helps increase power and accuracy upon contact
  • 3K Carbon Face integrates premium carbon into frame for mix of incredible power and quick responsiveness, maximizing propulsion off the paddle face
  • Soft EVA Foam offers a cushioned feel with impressive shock absorption, generating a desirable blend of comfort and lightweight power
  • SpinEffect signature technology features Bela’s signature patterned on the surface for maximum feel and an extra degree of spin
  • Personalized detachable wrist cord connected to the handle that provides additional control and safety precautions
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