Bullpadel Vertex 04 Master Final W 23 – Padel Racket


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The Vertex 04W is a light weight diamond-shaped racket with a rough Topspin surface for more grip and spin on the ball which offers maximum power and high performance without loss of control. It is designed for professional or advanced players.

It incorporates two new frame concepts. The CURVAKTIV system: its rotated structure provides resistance against twisting. Thanks to the rotation of its surfaces, we can introduce a variable section on the side of the racket. We have managed to introduce a smaller section than that of the vertex03 frame, increasing rigidity, but we have also managed to widen the section lengthwise, achieving a more uniform transmission of stresses throughout the racket. This improved distribution of vibrations and stresses is also supported by the combination of the CURVAKTIV with the AIR POWER. The AIR POWER is the natural evolution of the Air React Channel system.It is a channel that we create using a hollow area in the lower side of the blade. This hollow area works better than if it were a solid piece because it is made up of less material and is less prone to deformation, making the structure stronger. Its external core is made from Fibrix hybrid fibre, its internal core from the new MultiEva that consists of 2 different Eva densities, and its frame from 100% carbon fibre CarbonTube. It has the new Vertex core.

Approx weight : 345-360 GRS.
Profile: 38 MM
Balance: High
Shape: diamond
Comp. exterior: Fibrix
Comp. interior: Multieva
Player: Adult expert
Power/Control: 100/90


Bullpadel Vertex 04W is a light weight diamond-shaped racket with a rough Topspin surface for more grip and spin!

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