Varlion Maxima Summum Prisma Airflow S 23 – Padel Racket


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Airflow Technology
– Technology Focused On Giving Fluidity To The Passage Of Air Through The Blade By Means Of A Special Distribution Of Elongated And Circular Holes Located Between The Frame And The Center Of The Core, Without Introducing Them In The Very Center Where They Generate Greater Turbulence. Both Types Of Holes Have Been Placed Where The Highest Aerodynamic Coefficient Is Obtained According To The Aerodynamic Studies Carried Out With The Software We Have At Varlion.

Prisma Frame
– New Revolutionary Prism-Shaped Frame, Designed And Implemented In The Two New Maxima Summum Prisma And Bourne Summum Prisma Rackets.
– After Performing An Aerodynamic Study In A Wind Tunnel, It Has Been Shown That It Has 10% Less Wind Resistance Compared To The Hexagon Frame And The Conventional Frames Of The Other Rackets. This Change Translates Into Better Manageability And A Higher Speed Of Movement Of The Rackets, Which Allows Greater Acceleration And Speed Of Play.
– The Design Of This Frame Requires Special Manufacturing To Make It More Rigid And Resistant, In Addition To A Specific Injected Adhesive Bumper.

– New Rough Texture For The Racket Surface. As Its Name Suggests, It Is Specially Designed For Backhand Or Drive Shots With Slice Or Cuts.
– In Its Design, A Series Of Curved Lines Have Been Arranged For Right-Handed Players, Which Are Duplicated In The Opposite Direction For Left-Handed Players, So That The Lines Hook The Ball And Increase Its Effect.
– When Compared To A Tennis Racket, The Hook Is Even Greater, Since The Strings Of The Racket Are Straight And Horizontal In The Shape Of A Cross Generating A Square. But In Tue Case Of Slice Technology, Lines Are Designed With A Curved Shape, Since The Surface Of The Ball That Is In Contact With Such Lines Is Much Larger.

– Summum Technology Is Based On The Sum Of Four Great Innovations Launched In 2018, Which Give Rise To The Most Complete And Highest Level Racket Of The Collection:
– Longer Grip. The Grip Is 14.50 Cm Long (The Usual Ones Are Between 11 And 12.50 Cm), Providing The Player With More Space To Handle, Especially For Tennis Players Or Players Who Use Both Hands.
– Wings Diffuser. Diffuser Designed Under The Silhouette Of An Airplane Wing Profile, To Which We Have Also Added A Turbulator, Used In The Wings Of Airplanes And The Spoilers Of F1 Cars To Obtain A Better Control Of Air Flow. The Result Is A 27% Improvement In The Speed, Precision And Control Of The Air Passage Compared To The Previous Diffuser.
– Greater Hitting Surface. The Hitting Area Is 1.5 Cm Wider Compared To The Other Racket, So You Will Gain Much More Control And Responsiveness In Your Game. This Expansion Is Also Achieved Thanks To The Fact That We Have Drilled The Entire Surface Of The Racket, With A Functional Drilling Design That Increases The Number Of Holes In Total From 68 To 76.
– Increased Height And Surface In Rough Texture. The Rough Texture Of The Plane (Hexatex And Slice Technologies) Is Higher And Wider, So You Can Further Increase The Effect On The Ball. In Addition, Thanks To Its Greater Surface Area, You Can Now Achieve Impossible Shots Even If The Ball Lands Further From The Center Of The Racket.

– The Environmental Temperature Directly Influences The Behavior Of A Padel Racket, Altering Its Hardness And Flexibility. This Situation Causes Changes And Instability In Our Game.
– To Solve This Problem, The Higher Ranges Models Have Been Manufactured In Duplicate (A ´´W´´ Version Of Winter, And Another ´´S´´ Version Of Summer), With Enough Technical Differences In The Construction Of Its Core To Play With One Version Or Another Depending On The Ambient Temperature:
– At High Temperatures The Materials Soften, Especially The Foam Or Eva Of The Core, Thus Changing The Rackets Performance. Therefore, The Rackets With The Red Thermometer Or The Letter ´´S´´ Incorporate Materials With A Lower Elasticity And Hardness, So The Behavior Of The Racket Will Be Ideal With Temperatures From 25ºc / 77ºf.
– At Low Temperatures, Just The Opposite Occurs: The Core Hardens And Gains Control, But It Loses Noticeably Flexibility, So To Obtain A Good Behavior You Should Choose The Racket With The Blue Thermometer Or The Letter ´´W´´, Recommended For Playing With Lower Temperatures At 25ºc / 77º F, Since They Incorporate Materials With Greater Mechanical Elasticity.

Difusor Wings
– Technology Developed With The Aim Of Directing The Air Flow In The Only ´´Treatable´´ Area Of The Racket Where The Air Passes Through, Its Heart. The Advantages Of This Technology Are:
– Increased Player Speed On Both Quick Hits And Smash.
– Greater Hitting Regularity By Making The Trajectory More Constant, Thanks To The Zero Influence Of The Turbulences That Conventional Rackets Normally Have In The Heart Area.
– Greater Number Of Blows With More Control, Also Thanks To The Reduction Of Said Turbulence.
– Its Design Is Inspired By The Diffuser That Included The Formula 1 Brawn Gp Team For The First Time On The Rear And Bottom Of The Car.

7 Rhombus Carbon Fabric
– 12k Carbon Fiber Fabric In A Rhomboid Shape, To A Greater Flexibility In The Core.

Prisma Bumper
– New Adhesive Bumper Designed Exclusively For Prisma Frame Models Of 20.1 Collection. This Bumper Has Been Designed And Produced Through An Injection Mold In A Low Hardness Ptu To Absorb Shocks And Chafing.
– It Is Fixed On The Racket Frame By Means Of An Adhesive Material Without The Need To Drill Into The Frame And Thus Avoiding Having To Weaken It For Its Fixing. Consequently, Possible Vibrations Of The Bumper Are Eliminated And We Achieve A Total Twinning Between The Racket Frame And The Lower Surface Of The Bumper.

– Soft Foam Core With Spectacular Measures Of Hardness And Rebound, Which Gives A Very Balanced Control And Power To The Racket, To Play At Low Temperatures Or Up To 25ºc.

– Shape: Tear
– Type Of Game: Between Control And Power
– Nivel: Professional
– Line: Premium
– Balance: Medium-High
– Type Of Core: Very Hard Core For +25ºc/+77ºf
– Main Material: Carbon Fiber
– Handle: 14.5 Cm
– Frame: Prisma Frame
– Heart Construction: With Difusor
– Self-Adhesive Bumper: Yes
– Weight: From 340 To 375 Gr.

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